Pietro Baltazar by Claudio Carpi

It’s that moment of the day dedicated to Brazilian hotness. I suppose you won’t be disappointed about that. Am I right?
Once again the protagonist is new face Pietro Baltazar. I know, I’m quite obsessed with him lately, but it’s not such a bad thing. Well, I hope so.

This young kid never takes a bad picture, and these new images, shot by photographer Claudio Carpi, are a clear demonstration of that. If I’m not wrong, I already wrote that he’s got an amazing body and a fabulous face. Well, I probably say this of all the models you can see here, but it’s the damn truth.
I’m not into skinny and emaciated models. They do not match with my idea of beauty. I’m probably old school, but I’m more into muscular and toned guys. We all know that Mariano, Julian, Marlon and Sam are my favorite ones, because they perfectly embody my idea of beauty. But it’s not just a matter of muscles and body shape. It’s also about a natural magnetic charisma. Some models have it and other ones don’t have it, and believe me, Pietro is part of the first group.

Pietro Baltazar by Claudio Carpi

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