Kit Butler Salvatore Ferragamo 2017 campaign

I suppose it’s quite useless to say that I’m happy to see that Kit Butler stars in a new campaign. You know, he’s one of my favorite models, and when I saw that he’s the new face of Salvatore Ferragamo, bam! He definitely made my day.

I have to confess that Salvatore Ferragamo is one of my favorite brands ever and see Kit as its new masculine face it’s for me a perfect match. I love this new ad, and I hope to see more in the future, because Kit looks fantastic and the label’s winter 2017 collection is so good. Well, I think that this post could end here, but you know that I love to bore you. It’s strange that I often post a picture and I’ll end up writing things non-related to that image. You know, my brain works in a strange way. I think that at this point I have to deal with it.

Photographer: Walter Pfeiffer

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