Julian Schneyder Icarius magazine

We all know how much I’m into Austrian stunner Julian Schneyder. It’s not a secret. I’m one of his biggest fans and I say it loud and proud. For this reason I’m obviously happy to see these two new images, shot by Emilio Tini for Icarius magazine.

Look at how gorgeous he is, simply standing in a bare studio. This young judo champion knows how to exude charm and seduction. He looks great and I suppose he smells good too. I’m obviously referring to the new Prada Luna Rossa Carbon fragrance Julian is showing in the second picture. Let’s forget all the fetishisms for a while. I think this is not the right place, but let me think what else I can say about these pictures. Well, you all know what I’m going to say about them. Julian is perfect, he’s beautiful, he’s a real supermodel and I’ll never get tired of him. I know I can sound boring, but this is the truth. Deal with it.

Photographer: Emilio Tini
Fashion editor: Icarius de Menezes
Hair: Gianluca Guaitoli
Makeup: Giorgia Faggi

Julian Schneyder Icarius magazine

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