simone bredariol men's health serbia july 2017

What can I say about Simone Bredariol’s newest cover for Men’s Health Serbia? Well, I’m basically speechless. He looks absolutely hot and gorgeous in this clean shot, lensed by the super talented Adriano Russo. No other words can describe how handsome Simone is. He’s one of those models I’d like to see more on the website and the reason is quite simple. He’s fabulous. Period. I’m not only talking about his sculpted body (obviously), I’m referring to a natural and innate magnetic charm, and believe me, Simone is the epitome of natural fascination.

What else can I say about this cover? Let me think about it for a while, because I’m still recovering after admiring Simone’s abs and gorgeous smile. Oh God, this massive dose of beauty makes me so jealous.
At this point I should know that when stylist Ivan Rasic is part of the creative team, the final result is flawless. And guess what? This cover with Simone is amazing. I know that this adjective is often used in the wrong way, but this time perfectly fits, because Simone is amazing. Deal with it.

Photographer: Adriano Russo
Stylist: Ivan Rasic
Beauty: Mimmo Di Maggio

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