marlon teixeira torinno

Every time I see a picture of supermodel Marlon Teixeira, the same question comes to my mind. How is it possible for a young guy to look so good? You can say everything you want about him, but you cannot deny the fact that he looks fantastic. Period.

I’m aware that I’ve got a soft spot for him, but I’m still able to see beauty, and boy, Marlon is the epitome of masculine beauty. Take a look at this new picture, released by Brazilian label Torinno to promote its debut collection. Marlon is basically perfect in this black & white ad. Look at his face. I’m speechless. He always amazes me, and this is quite a good thing. He knows how to mesmerize the camera and how to sell the garments he’s wearing. I love this graphic look and I’d like to have it in my closet, but I know that compared to Marlon, I’ll look like a monster.

Photographer: Bob Wolfenson
Stylist: Luis Fiod

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