julian schneyder by karl simone

Speaking of beauty, we cannot certainly ignore this fabulous picture of Julian Schneyder, shot by photographer Karl Simone. That’s all I have to say. We all know that Julian is basically perfect, so I won’t waste any time, trying to convince you about it. The image speaks for itself. I can only say that Julian needs few things to look incredible. His killer face, sculpted body and magnetic charisma are his best features, and I can say that for me it’s enough.

God, I’m such a big fan of this young Austrian guy. Thank you Wiener Models for discovering him and for sharing his beauty with all of us. This is a priceless gift, for me and for the whole mankind. Ok, I’m kidding. Well, I admit that sometimes I tend to be quite over-the-top, but when I talk about Julian my little brain explodes. And I’m not complaining about it. Oh, at all.

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