mariano ontanon

I have to be honest with you, because I have no idea of who’s the photographer who shot this picture of Mariano Ontañon. I cannot say that it doesn’t matter, because I’d like to see more from this session, but I cannot find more details and I’m pretty upset about it.
You all know that Mariano is my number 1 favorite face. For me he’s the epitome of perfection and this picture confirms what I say. Take a minute to admire this image. He’s got a real breathtaking beauty. His body is flawless and he’s got such a gorgeous face. In addition to this, Mariano has the most beautiful smile ever seen. Take a look at his Instagram profile and you’ll see countless images of his beautiful smile.

I have nothing else to say. I’d like to see more images of him and I hope to find them quite soon. I need my dose of South American beauty and Mariano is always a great model to admire and crave.

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