mariano ontanon balmain hair couture

Here’s a new picture of the gorgeous Mariano Ontañon. This could be the only description of this post. You know that Mariano has a special place on my list of favorite faces and with this new image I have to say that he really deserves that place. I have few words to describe how gorgeous he looks in this new Balmain Hair Couture promotional picture. Jesus, he’s the epitome of seductive gorgeousness. He needs to get cloned with Marlon Teixeira and Julian Schneyder. Right now, because the world is in desperate need of beauty. Well, if you also want to clone Sam Webb and Arthur Kulkov, I think we won’t be so disappointed after all. I should stop here, otherwise the list will never end. If you have any other names to add, let me know and we’ll instantly start an online petition.

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